The Top 50 Productivity Blogs (most of which you haven’t heard about)

By SysBots

I love productivity blogs — they’re probably my greatest waste of time. But as they teach me to better use my time, I don’t consider it a waste. If you like reading about productivity, goals, habits, GTD, time management and other such topics, I’ve compiled a list of the best productivity sites for your perusal.

Now, you might not like all of these, but there are some real gems here — and many of them aren’t that well known. I suggest you give them a look, browse their archives, and if you like what you see, try a test subscription (you can always unsubscribe later).

Here’s the list:

The A List

  • Lifehacker
  • 43 Folders
  • Get Rich Slowly
  • Dumb Little Man
  • Steve Pavlina

The Rest of Us (not in any order)

This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive. Give me your favorites in the comments, and your thoughts on the blogs on this list.

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