Leo Interviews Merlin Mann

By SysBots

I’m excited to release as a free audio download my recent interview with top productivity blogger and speaker Merlin Mann of the incredibly popular 43 Folders blog. Merlin is also known for his Inbox Zero series, his speeches on productivity, his video podcasts including the Merlin Show and MacBreak, and other creative work.

SysBots Interviews Merlin Mann

In this interview, I talk with Merlin about:

  • Some of his heroes and inspirations.
  • How his daughter changed his conception of priorities.
  • His new rule regarding his laptop.
  • How many emails are in his inbox, and what matters more than that.
  • What motivates him instead of fear, and how to stop from overworking.
  • What direction his work will take in the next year or two.
  • And in the end, Merlin turns the tables on me!

Enjoy the interview.

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