Being an ancient science Yoga has a lot to offer to the world. In current times where it’s easy for humanity to fight with each other and live in destructive life, following yoga way has potential to make world better place.

Yoga is not merely Yogasanas. One doesn’t have to bend his or her body in extreme to master yoga. Though which is unfortunately presumed that way but it is necessary to understand that Yoga is way of life. By following this path one nourishes various aspects of our existence.
World health organization says health is not merely absence of disorders or injuries but also being in sound state at physical, mental, social, spiritual level of our existence. One can nourish these aspects of our life by implementing Yoga way of life.
Tradition of yoga has many paths . If one choose to follow path of action, where one dedicates himself serving people , doing actions selflessly that path is called as path of Karmayoga. If one dedicates life in devotion by glorifying God , by singing bhajans , chanting of mantras , various form of rituals its Bhaktiyoga. Acquiring knowledge and finding methods to implement ideas for betterment of society is path of knowledge i.e. Jnanayoga. Following Yama niyamas , regular practicing yogasanas, pranayama and meditation is path of Rajayoga. One can choose any of the path or master one path and lead life happily.
The goal is to strive for betterment in all aspects of our life. There was a time when people use to think one has to abandon all his duties to follow path of yoga . People use to leave their material lives to settle in Himalayan ashrams . But that has changed now. One can learn methods of yoga even living current lifestyle.

Yoga offers man a conscious process to solve the menacing problems of unhappiness , restlessness, emotional upset, hyper activity etc. in the society and helps to invoke hidden potentials of man in a systematic scientific way by which man becomes fuller individual. All faculties of human existence physical, mental, social, intellectual and emotional Spiritual gets develop in harmonious and integrated fashion to meet the all around challenge of the modern era with its speed.

Mr. Omkar Gotkhindikar


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