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Beginner’s Guide to GTD

By SysBots

I get a lot of questions about GTD – what are the basic principles, how should one start. Well, the obvious answer is to start by getting the book. But I started without it, about a year ago, and I was able to get off the ground just with information on the web.

Well, I’m not going to explain the whole system in this post. Instead, I’ll provide some links to help you get started, if you’re a beginner GTD disciple.

Top Links for Starting GTD

  • 43 Folders: Getting Started with GTD
  • Black Belt Productivity: A GTD Primer
  • What’s the Next Action: 21 links to start with GTD
  • Wired: A guide to GTD
  • Davidco’s Lisa Peak: 10 beginner behaviors
  • Steve Lawson: GTD overview
  • Mine Zone: Getting Things Done
  • Davidco: Advanced GTD Workflow Diagram (pdf)
  • Lifehack: Ask the Readers: Getting Started with GTD

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