May 2016

My GTD Implementation

By SysBots A favorite topic among GTDers is describing their GTD implementation. I won’t try and be a non-conformist here — I’ll jump on the bandwagon. As with most GTDers, I’ve tried a number of different setups. That’ll be my next post. For now, let… Read More »My GTD Implementation

My Four Commandments

By SysBots Gretchen Rubin of the excellent blog The Happiness Project recently did a post with tips for writing your own personal commandments, and it got me wondering: what are my personal commandments? I’ve always enjoyed Gretchen’s Twelve Commandments, even before I’d started Zen Habits,… Read More »My Four Commandments

The Empty Container

By SysBots Our lives get so complicated not overnight but gradually. The complications creep up on us, one insignificant step at a time. Today I order something online, tomorrow someone gives me a gift, then I get a free giveaway, then I decide I need… Read More »The Empty Container