January 7, 2013

The Intersection of Fit and Fun

Post written by SysBots. Many people don’t exercise or eat healthy because they think it’s hard or takes discipline. They’re missing out on a lot of […]
January 5, 2013

The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents

By SysBots I love Christmas. I love the snow-themed everything, even when I was living on tropical Guam, and Santa and elves and reindeer and snowmen […]
January 3, 2013

The Quickstart Guide to Quitting a Bad Habit

By SysBots It seems like it was only last year when I was quitting smoking while stuck in debt, bad eating habits, a procrastinator and sedentary […]
January 1, 2013

Essential Zen Habits of 2013

By SysBots What an amazing year. For me and Zen Habits, which just finished its 7th year of existence, 2013 was a year of pure joy. […]