“The silence gardener”

A ready smile
A helping hand
A healing touch
A warmth of a fire
Depth of the sea
Search the whole wide world
And I bet you
You will not find another me!

Let’s celebrate the fact that we are unique
Each of us is a lady of substance
We rise to each occasion
We survive our sorrows
And live with pain
We charish our young children
And immortalize the family’s name

We traverse the country
North East south or west
We often go to the place
The people don’t even know exist
Remote locations not found in map
Walk with me for a while and I
Share with you the stories of grit and sheer determination.

We are the true soldiers
As we really do sacrifice
Our maiden name our comforts
Our blossoming career
Sometimes even our own health

We don’t get a medal
We don’t get promotions
We enter as a wife
We leave as a wife
Or a war widow

Ours is a story untold
A story of sisterhood
A story of nurturing
A story of survival

As we get old
We seek solace in nature
We watch the beauty of flower unfurl
Little realising that this is created by us
Our very own world.

Mrs. Abha Joshi

Fravashi International Academy


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