cPHulk when deployed through WHM works aggressively blocking rogue IPs trying to intrude into the system with brute force. While this useful feature helps in keeping the server secure it might block your IP due to several login failures and lock you down.

For cPanel versions older than 68.0 following should be helpful.

With a quick few commands we can unlock the IP from cPHulk and regain access to WHM.

Here’s How To:

Log in to server via SSH with root access


Use the following command to connect to MySQL with command MySQL


Now connect to cPHulk database with either “connect cphulkd or “use cphulkd


Use the command “show tables; to list the cpHulk tables.


The tables “brutes” and “logins” stores the IPs and we need to delete our IP from there.

Use following commands to connect these tables

select * from brutes;

select * from logins;

It’ll show all the blocked IPs. Use the following commands to delete required single IP

delete from brutes where IP=’xxxxx’;

delete from logins where IP=’xxxxx’;

For cPanel version 68 and later, use the following command to delete one single IP

whmapi1 flush_cphulk_login_history_for_ips ip=xxx.xx.xx.xxx




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