How to enable TLS 1.2 On Windows 2008 R2 Server.

TLS, fully formed as Transport Layer Security protocol provides secure data exchange (thereby avoiding eavesdropping) over network needed for web applications, emailing & web browsers. It’s a true successor to SSL and now widely used owing to a vulnerability called POODLE found in SSLv3 protocol. Windows 2008 R2 server doesn’t come with this feature enabled by default, but has […]

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Digital Marketing & Consultancy

The advice and strategy in digital commerce are in mintocafe’s DNA. Our reflections nourish our actions. We favour concrete schemes with abstract recommendations to support our customers with reliability. We are pragmatic and realistic. What we propose is therefore effective and feasible. However, we are constantly trying to challenge ourselves. Digital is a world in […]

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How to Change The Default Font On Windows 10

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10 operating system has gained ground with the astounding appearance and improved ease of accessibility compared to its predecessor Windows 7. While Windows 10 comes with newly introduced feature such as ‘Settings’ carried forth from version 8 & 8.1 it has removed the  default fonts customization for various elements such as the […]

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Delete An IP from cPHulk With Commandline

cPHulk when deployed through WHM works aggressively blocking rogue IPs trying to intrude into the system with brute force. While this useful feature helps in keeping the server secure it might block your IP due to several login failures and lock you down. For cPanel versions older than 68.0 following should be helpful. With a […]

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