Being an ancient science Yoga has a lot to offer to the world: Mr. Omkar Gotkhindikar (Part 1)

  Being an ancient science Yoga has a lot to offer to the world. In current times where it’s easy for humanity to fight with each other and live in destructive life, following yoga way has potential to make world better place. Yoga is not merely Yogasanas. One doesn’t have to bend his or her […]

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How to enable TLS 1.2 On Windows 2008 R2 Server.

TLS, fully formed as Transport Layer Security protocol provides secure data exchange (thereby avoiding eavesdropping) over network needed for web applications, emailing & web browsers. It’s a true successor to SSL and now widely used owing to a vulnerability called POODLE found in SSLv3 protocol. Windows 2008 R2 server doesn’t come with this feature enabled by default, but has […]

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When you exercise, you are using several muscle groups throughout the body — even if you are not targeting them specifically. Muscles can easily become pulled or strained during a workout. Most common muscle pains, especially in the abdomen, go away after rest and might or might not return the next time you exercise or […]

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Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Blood Pressure

Eat at Least 25 Grams of Fiber Daily   Studies link a high-fiber diet with a lower risk of heart disease—one reason researchers suggests reaching for fiber-rich foods all day. Soluble fiber in oats, beans and citrus fruits, like oranges, helps reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. Opting for whole grains, such as brown rice and […]

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“The silence gardener”

“The silence gardener” A ready smile A helping hand A healing touch A warmth of a fire Depth of the sea Search the whole wide world And I bet you You will not find another me! Let’s celebrate the fact that we are unique Each of us is a lady of substance We rise to […]

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Follow Simple Changes To Improve Dieting

Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult. So many of us look at creating a sensible and effective eating plan but don’t want to go through with it. Do you find yourself counting calories, eating only half of the day or trying to minimise your portions? Whatever you choose and whatever your goals, here are some fundamental principles to follow for […]

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War- He alone stopped Entire Chinese army and saved Arunachal Pradesh

Jaswant Singh set up tactical weapons at three different spots and fired them constantly for three days to keep the Chinese forces at bay Real heroes should be treated close to gods as they protect the people like a shield, without caring about their own life. When we talk about real-life heroes who sacrifice their […]

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